Ongoing Persona 5

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    In April, Ren Amamiya transfers schools for mysterious reasons—something to do with him getting a criminal record for committing grave bodily harm, with the conditions of his probation being to attend a new school far away. A friend of his parents named Sojiro Sakura agrees to take the boy in for reasons of his own, so a reluctant Ren begins his new life. He deletes a mysterious red app from his phone before arriving at Sojiro's house, but the app reappears as he's going to bed for the night. He dreams of a strange place known as the Velvet Room where a man named Igor tells him that there's a way to break free of the chains binding him. The next day, when another red screen on a new classmate's phone leads them into a trap, a persona know as Arsène appears to help Ren. Somehow, all of this will lead to Ren falling back into police custody by November.

    Source: AnimeNewsNetwork.

    Anyone watching or looking forward to this ?

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