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    Welcome to MangaMaid!

    MMCafe is open for all Customers but you must follow some rules!​

    Basic Interaction Etiquette
    Respect one another – be mindful. Try to be constructive in your criticism. Don't bully or harass members. Don't make snide, dismissive or otherwise disruptive remarks. Don't purposefully spoil content for others. Don't plagiarize or falsely claim credit for someone else's work. Additionally, take note of the following rules:
    • Baiting and Trolling: Do not specifically comment on something with the intent to cause outrage. Do not bother members or staff for fun.
    • Flaming: Do not attack members or staff personally under any circumstance. This includes telling people to kill themselves.
    • Discrimination: Inappropriate remarks pertaining to culture, gender, race, religious beliefs, disability, and/or sexual orientation are strictly forbidden.
    • Doxing: Do not post personal details or pictures of other people without permission.

    Posting Etiquette
    • Speak in English - We do not expect perfect English from any of you, but you must use the language to post throughout the forums for ease of understanding.
    • Be Clear - Define what you want to say and express clearly, so others can understand it without getting a headache.
    • Off Topic - Only post off topic discussion in the designated Off Topic section; in others sections, you are expected to talk about the stated topic of the given thread itself. Off topic posts may be moved/deleted depending on context.
    • Spam - Do not double post when you can edit your post; use the multi-quote system. Do not spam pictures or links.
    • Do not talk about personal affairs in public; go to PM or take it off site.
    • Do not intentionally spoil people. Further rules in respective sections.
    NSFW/NSFL Content
    Do not post or link to material which may be considered unsuitable for a family or office environment (NSFW) outside of the designated Adult section; this includes but isnot necessarily limited to: nudity, intense sexuality, depictions of animated graphic violence, extreme profanity, etc. This prohibition extends to your avatar and signature, even if you only intend to post in the designated Adult section.

    Do not post or link to material which may be considered unsuitable regardless of the setting (NSFL) at all; this includes but is not necessarily limited to: child nudity or pornography, depictions of real graphic violence, images intended to induce seizure, etc.​

    When in doubt, ask a staff member. Better safe than sorry.​

    Illegal Content

    We at MangaMaid do not host illegal content, nor assist in locating such content. Links to sites hosting illegal content will be removed as they are found or reported. Discussion which includes instructions on how to locate or obtain illegal content will be treated similarly. Posting or otherwise discussing how to obtain illegal content may result in a ban.​

    This is not to be construed as a ban on fair-use links to images for the purpose of discussion, nor links to materials not protected under copyright. If you're not sure, ask a staff member first.​

    Site Rules
    • No Duplicate Accounts: Do not create dupes for any reason. Use your main account only. If found, both the dupe and main account will be perma banned.
    • No Deletion: Your account won't be deleted unless specific cases occur.
    • Hacking: Do not try to hack the forums.
    • Adult Access: The Adult section is only available to 18+ members with min 100 posts. Contact @Viole1369 or @Momoyo Kawakami
    • No Like Spams: Likes are meant to be done on stuff you like or agree with. Please do not raid users for sake of liking if they do not like it. Thank you
    Signature Sizes
    For all members, your total allowed signature space is 400px high and 3MB size. This includes space taken up by closed spoiler tags, text, and images​
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